Guy Who Calls Girlfriend ‘Tony Pizza’ Pleasures Online: ‘Marry This Man’

A female whom provided her tale precisely how her
phone calls the lady «Tony Pizza» as a pet title moved viral on social networking, delighting online.

In an erased blog post printed to
‘s r/Relationship_Advice forum, a woman in private username u/Adorable_Physics4431 questioned the supporters of the subreddit for most guidance. The Reddit post went viral on
, receiving over 100,000 loves and 6,000 retweets.

The Redditor
started their particular post by explaining that her
is not effective in choosing dog brands on her behalf as he labeled as her «little stubbster» and «bad meat» previously. She said that the woman nickname for him is «little bird.»

«About a couple of weeks in the past, the guy starts contacting myself tony pizza. This won’t even sound right and then he makes use of it more frequently than my real name. He is preoccupied. It truly bothers me that he can’t actually bother to find a somewhat good nickname for me personally. I have had a couple of talks with him about it but according to him he cannot think of something better,» the OP typed.

She ended her blog post by stating, «I detest being tony pizza.»

attained out to u/Adorable_Physics4431 for comment.

Websites is pleased by a date contacting his sweetheart the unusual nickname «Tony Pizza.»

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Members of the Twitter society shared their ideas towards Reddit article, loving the nickname.

«Imagine the downright f**king most of calling your gf ‘Tony Pizza’ for such a long time and she hates it and she posts about any of it online and now each person on line thinks you’re the funniest person & is found on the side,» a-twitter individual tweeted.

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«It’s unpleasant the op does not want it, because i’d love to end up being labeled as tony pizza,» one admitted.

«Marry this guy, Tony Pizza,» urged another.

A user mentioned, «Tony Pizza is actually Chuck elizabeth Cheese’s cousin from nj-new jersey and/or the lost Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle exactly who decided to stay in Bayonne.»

Merely requested my hubby if he’d please give me a call Tony Pizza from now on in which he really really responded, ‘if that’s what you desire’. Yes. Yes, truly.

— Tony Pizza – one ‘n’, one ‘i’ (@Danita_L_Asagne)
July 29, 2022

«it will be a honor are labeled as tony pizza,» echoed a Twitter individual.

«in all honesty tony pizza is quite good. I would just take tony pizza pie,» one had written.

Another commented, «I will not live-in some sort of in which ‘little bird’ is a significantly better nickname than ‘Tony Pizza’. You will be out right here contacting him stromboli stan and residing your very best existence.»

One questioned, «envision nevertheless f**king some guy after the guy calls you sour meat but Tony Pizza is how you draw the line ??»

«Everyone referring to Tony Pizza, although actual treasure is the different nickname ‘Sour chicken,'» one Twitter user laughed.

«i am merely a female, waiting before a son asking him to call me Tony Pizza,» another referenced Julia Roberts’ offer in the rom-com

Notting Hill


For those who haven’t dated a «Tony Pizza» man at least one time that you know, you haven’t lived.

— Tori Fletcher (@hellotorifletch)
July 29, 2022

A person tweeted, «Tony Pizza is a superb nickname, as well as should you differ about that, you need to acknowledge it’s a huge improvement over Sour chicken.»

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