Man Exactly Who Phone Calls Girlfriend ‘Tony Pizza’ Pleasures Internet: ‘Marry This Man’

A lady exactly who contributed her tale about her
calls this lady «Tony Pizza» as a pet name has gone viral on social media, delighting the internet.

In an erased article posted to
‘s r/Relationship_Advice forum, a female under the anonymous username u/Adorable_Physics4431 questioned the followers regarding the subreddit for some guidance. The Reddit blog post moved widespread on
, obtaining over 100,000 loves and 6,000 retweets.

The Redditor
began their own blog post by outlining that the woman
is not great at picking animal names on her behalf while he labeled as the lady «little stubbster» and «bitter beef» in the past. She mentioned that the woman nickname for him is actually «little bird.»

«About fourteen days in the past, the guy begins contacting me tony pizza. This doesn’t even sound right and he utilizes it more often than my real name. He is obsessed. It really bothers me he can not even bother to track down a somewhat great nickname for me. I’ve had several discussions with him about this but he states the guy cannot imagine anything much better,» the OP wrote.

She ended the woman article by stating, «I detest getting tony pizza.»

hit out over u/Adorable_Physics4431 for opinion.

The online world is actually pleased by a sweetheart phoning their girl the peculiar nickname «Tony Pizza.»

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Members of the Twitter society provided their unique views concerning the Reddit blog post, enjoying the nickname.

«Imagine the total f**king a lot of calling the gf ‘Tony Pizza’ for so long and she detests it and she posts about this online and today every single individual on-line believes you’re the funniest individual & is on your side,» a Twitter user tweeted.

«its unfortunate the op doesn’t think its great, because I would personally want to end up being called tony pizza,» one accepted.

«Marry this man, Tony Pizza,» urged another.

A user stated, «Tony Pizza is actually Chuck elizabeth Cheese’s cousin from nj-new jersey and/or the missing teen Mutant Ninja Turtle which opted to stay in Bayonne.»

Simply requested my husband if he’d kindly call me Tony Pizza from now on and then he really seriously responded, ‘if that’s what you want’. Yes. Yes, its.

— Tony Pizza – one ‘n’, one ‘i’ (@Danita_L_Asagne)
July 29, 2022

«it might be a honor is known as tony pizza,» echoed a-twitter individual.

«genuinely tony pizza is fairly good. I would take tony pizza,» one composed.

Another commented, «I won’t live-in a world where ‘little bird’ is actually a far better nickname than ‘Tony Pizza’. You’ll probably be out here phoning him stromboli stan and residing your best life.»

One asked, «envision nonetheless f**king some guy after he phone calls you bitter beef but Tony Pizza is how you draw the line ??»

«everybody else discussing Tony Pizza, although real treasure could be the different nickname ‘Sour chicken,'» one Twitter user laughed.

«i am merely a female, standing up before a son inquiring him to know me as Tony Pizza,» another referenced Julia Roberts’ quote when you look at the rom-com

Notting Hill


If you haven’t dated a «Tony Pizza» guy one or more times that you know, you haven’t lived.

— Tori Fletcher (@hellotorifletch)
July 29, 2022

A user tweeted, «Tony Pizza is a GREAT nickname, plus in the event that you disagree about that, you must acknowledge it is a huge improvement over Sour chicken.»

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